A New Chapter for New Mexico Jeep Tours

Clint West, who has been a guide with NM Jeep Tours for the past 5 years, is now taking on a new role as owner of the business.  Roch Hart, founder and former owner of NM Jeep Tours, will be working closely with Clint through the transition as the legacy he began will continue through the offering of personal, private tours to some of New Mexico’s most remarkable places.

The change in ownership will also bring a change in tour options.  For the past few years NMJT has offered tours on a private ranch which has recently been designated for other activities.  Tours will now go out to another “ranch” which is maintained by the Bureau of Land Management but can only be accessed through locked gates, allowing it to be kept in pristine condition.   Longer tours will be offered on the west side of the Rio Grande in a remarkable geological and historical landscape.  Both areas host numerous prehistoric and historic ruins, amazing geological wonders, and beautiful scenery.  In addition to these new tour options, plans for a mining district tour, multi-day tours, and more are already in the works.  So hold on to your hats as New Mexico Jeep Tours drops the top and heads off on some new adventures.