Clint West

Clint West, six year veteran driver and new owner of New Mexico Jeep Tours, is a 4th generation New Mexican with a passion for the outdoors. Growing up in the mountains east of Albuquerque, Clint had plenty of opportunities to explore, mountain bike, 4×4, and ride motorcycles. In fact, just getting home in the rain or snow often required four wheel drive. In the mid ’90’s Clint and his wife managed a guest house outside of Nairobi, Kenya during which time Clint had the “hard job” of taking guests on game drives. Now, when Clint’s not doing Jeep tours or too busy with the business, he enjoys taking his family out into the beautiful New Mexican wilderness to explore isolated ruin sites and experience the natural wonders of the Land of Enchantment.

Tom Brahl

As the senior member of the NMJT team, Tom Brahl brings the most “worldly” experience to the mix. A Kansas native, Tom chose to live in New Mexico so that his days were filled with mountains and sunshine. He has worked as a freelance editorial and commercial photographer for the last three decades, shooting for local, regional and national clients and publications. As much as he enjoys photography, he’d rather spend his time on the trail sharing with his clients the magic of a New Mexico sunset, skiing a black diamond, fishing a high mountain stream, or playing drums for his locally popular blues band Mystic Vic. He and his wife Jeanette split their time between Albuquerque and the mountain village of Cedar Crest east of Albuquerque, where he has lived for 25 years.

Frank Poolheco

Frank Poolheco is a retired Police Officer of the Albuquerque Police Department who worked Field Services/Patrol his entire career. After retirement, Frank purchased a Jeep and loves driving it, off-road as well as on-road. Frank is a member of the Santo Domingo Pueblo Tribe which it located between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM and can readily advise on Native Events and certain aspects of modern-day Native life.

Frank enjoys photographing the Four Corners area of the United States as well as areas of the Pacific Ocean. He is often called to do “Background Acting” on several area media productions including the TV Show “In Plain Sight”, the Movie “Thor”, and the TV Series “Longmire”.

Roch Hart

Roch Hart, previous owner and founder of NMJT, is a retired police officer from the Albuquerque Police Department spending the majority of his career in plain clothes felony investigations and tactical undercover operations. Hart loved his career, but after retiring wanted to try something different. On a Jeep ride with his brother-in-law it was suggested he do this for a living. After considering the joys of such a job he started investigating the potentials and here he is today.

Hart enjoys the outdoors and as a natural extension of this job photography has become a serious hobby. If he wants to stop and take a picture, just hit him over the head and he’ll remember that it’s about you and not him. But he needs this every now and then. Just ask his wife.